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Nubra Valley

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Nubra Valley ladakh

The original name used for Nubra Valley is Ldumra meaning the 'valley of flowers' It is situated in the north of Ladakh region. The average altitude of the valley is about 10,000 mtrs above sea level. The main settlements are along the shayok River and the siachen river. The river belt is sandy and the vegetation includes green Farmarisk and Myricaria. One of the unique features of the landscapes in Nubra is the sand dunes between Deskit (administrative center) Hundar villages.

An ancient trade route (a branch of the popular Central Asian silk route) used to pass through Nubra Valley and its imprints can be seen even today. The double humped Bactrian Camels of the silk route trade period still wander in the wilderness of the valley. Tourists require permits from the local administration in leh for a stay of maximum seven days in this strategically sensitive area. Six photocopies of the permit should be carried along by you to be submitted at the various check posts on the way.

How to reach Nubra Valley

Bus: The J & K SRTC (state road and transport corporation) operate a semi deluxe bus service twice a week between Leh and Nubra. The bus leaves leh early morning at 5.3 am. You can buy your ticket from Bus station of 3.30 pm a day before your journey. Ladakh private Bus Operators Union also operates a How to reach Nubra Valley Read more>>

Nubra Valley Weather

Due to the high altitude the Nubra Valley weather conditions are mainly cold through the year. At an altitude of 10000 feet even the summers are cool and enjoyable. Summers are cool and comfortable and the winters are cold and dry. Temperatures drop rapidly during the night. Temperatures are frequently below zero for Nubra Valley Weather Read more>>

Overland Approach

The drive between Leh and Nubra involves negotiating the khardong-la pass (5602 mtrs above the sea level), which is considered the highest motorable pass in the world. The temperature and elevation differs, as one ascends, calls for necessary arrangements including carrying warm clothing and some cases. There is a check post (south-pullu) fourteen km before the summit where tourists need to show their permits.

There is constant maintenance and constructions work carried out on the khardong-la road to keep it open. Avoid any sort of misunderstandings with the road laborers, which tend to become unfriendly on slight provocation.

Once at khardong La pass (5602m), tourist and other travelers stop briefly for relieving oneself and photography before descending into the Nubra valley. There is another check post North-Pullu before you pass through the khardong village to get to the khalsar check post and then you finally enter the main part of the nubra valley. At khalsar, tea stalls and other eateries are obtainable. Soon after leaving khalsar, the road there parts into two one leading towards the panamik side and other to Deskit, where the administrative headquarter is based.



Deskit is the administrative center for the nubra valley; it is larger than the surrounding villages. Deskit has a sizeable number of shops and eateries which are a fine source of restocking your necessary supplies. The restaurants serve ladakhi, Tibetan, Chinese and continental dishes. There are quite a lot of guest houses with alike charges and services. These restaurants are close to each other making it easy for you to check out the suiting you.

Deskit Gonpa

Deskit Gonpa The Village has a scenic monastery perched on a hill. It was founded by Lama sherab Zangpo of stod in 1420 A.D during the reign of king dragspa. About 100 monks are residing in the Gonpa. It is a branch of Thiksey Monastery. The monastic festival called Gustor takes place on the 20th and 21st days of the 12th month of the Tibetan calendar. The monastery overlooks the fantastic landscape of the Nubra valley.

Hunder Ladakh

Hunder Ladakh is located 7 km from deskit, On the way to hundar are the famed sand dunes of Nubra. A walk through these dunes along a small stream is a nice experience. You may come across double humped camel's of the way. Camels are mostly domesticated, but many are left uncared and untamed, especially males. These camels remind you of the silk, route period.

Turtuk Ladakh

Turtuk Ladakh The name turtuk is an Turkish word which was exposed by two Turkish namely "chuli and Yangdrung" who wandered and came to this place and settled here. Today their generations ably back here as so-called race of chulipa and yangdrungpa in turtuk.

Turtuk Ladakh, being the mainstream of balti culture of baltistan lies on the historic trade routes between skardu, Yarkand "East Turkistan aka xijian", leh and Srinagar are restored the line of control had bisected the Himalayan silk route.


Sumur is opposite to Deskit on the other side of the river shayok. It has a large gelugpa order monastery called samstanling gonpa which is about half an hour walk from sumur. Next to sumur is the kyagar or tiger village as spelled wrongly on the milestone. In sumer one can enjoy camel safari.

Samstanling Monastery Nubra Valley

Samstanling monastery was founded by lama tsultim nima, approximately 132 years ago. Around 70 monks are residing in this monastery.


Panamik Further away from sumur and tiger village is panamik village, which is known for its natural springs, having medicinal powers. The village comprises twenty-four families. Approximately 5 kms north of panamik is the fathest the tourists can go. Beyond this is the restricted area. Opposite to panamik on the other side of the nubra river, there is a picturesque monastery in ensa village. The monastery is accessible by road till the foothill on which it stands.

Panamik read more

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