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About Ladakh

About Ladakh, it is the region of mountain passes, an ideal place to see the supreme beauty of nature. Ladakh lies between 32 to 36 degree north latitude and 75 to 80 degree east longitude. It is the highest flat terrain of the Indian state of Kashmir with many of it being over 3,000m about Ladakh. The total area of 45110sq km makes Ladakh the biggest district in India. Ladakh region is divided in Kargil and Leh districts. Kargil lies at an height of 2750m and Leh at 3505m. The largest town in Ladakh is Leh. The altitude differs between 5000 to 14000 feet above the sea level. Leh is the capital of Ladakh.

Ladakh is famous for its distant mountain beauty and culture. It spans the Great Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges and the upper Indus River Valley. Ladakh is bordered by two of the world's uppermost elevation ranges like the Karakoram in the north and the great Himalayas in the south. The Pakistan occupied Kashmir lies in the west and China in the north and Eastern part and Lahul Spiti of Himachal Pradesh in the South east of the district. Ladakh's racial composition consisted of Mongoloid and a mixed Indo-Aryan population of Mons and Dards. It is now and then called little Tibet due to strong cultural and geographical similarities with Tibet. The approach to Ladakh is always marked with many long walls running 2-3 kms, adorned with engraved stones bearing the mantra "Om Mani Padme Hun" and Chortens which symbolizes Buddha's mind. Through 1962 war among China and India and the part of the Leh was taken by China.

Ladakh is known as the land of abundant passes, supernatural lamas and shattered moonland. Ladakh is a high elevation desert as the Himalayas make a rain shadow thus segregation the entry of monsoon clouds. The main source of water here remnants the winter snowfall on the mountains that forms glaciers. The rest of the parts of the country where people request for rain, here ladakhi's implore for the glaciers or the snows to melt for irrigation and drinking determinations. The district of Skardo and a part of Kargil became the terrain of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (Pak) and Ladakh remained with Jammu and Kashmir. There are also some spiritual places of Muslims which establish somewhat more than 15% of the district's population. The most gorgeous structures of the landscape of Leh are the Buddhists Gonpas known as Monasteries. The main source of water here relics the winter snowfall on the mountains that forms snow. The district is bordered Pakistan engaged by Kashmir in the west, and China in the north, Eastern part and Lahul spiti of Himachal Pradesh in the south east. Buddhism originated from the western Ladakh through Kashmir in the 2nd century. The majority of the religion in Leh is Buddhism. Ladakh is a region unsurpassed beauty of nature and is also called as land of mountain passes with a part of shattered moon land. Ladakh is famous for its well-known beauty of mountains and its culture. Ladakh is surrounded by Pakistan and in the west is the Kashmir. China is in the north and in the Eastern part of Himachal Pradesh in the south east. Approximately 60-65 million years ago the layer of Ladakh range and the Himalayas is an amazing miracle between the Indian and the Eurasian landmasses.

Information about Ladakh

Best Time to visit Ladakh

Best time to visit Ladakh

The best time to visit Ladakh is from June until September, the region's summer season. At this time, Ladakh is an unmatched heaven, with patent, stunning views and warm and sunny weather – the average temperature range during the day is about 20–30°C. Keen trekkers naturally head to Ladakh during July and August, when the Manali-Leh and Srinagar-Leh highways are open to vehicles. That said, Ladakh is a land bound by two of the world's highest mountain ranges – the Himalayas and Karakoram – anyone visiting Ladakh, even in the middle of summer, should be prepared for the sharp drop in temperatures at night.

Ladakh state

Ladakh is a county of India and Ladakh state is Jammu and Kashmir that lies connecting the Kunlun mountain range in the north and the core Great Himalayas to the south, inhabited by people of Indo-Aryan and Tibetan descent. It is one of the most lightly populated regions in Jammu and Kashmir.

Ladakh population

The latest statistics on Ladakh show Ladakh population at around 2.80 lakh

Ladakh language

Ladakhi is the major Ladakh language, India. It is also very alike to Balti; another language spoken in Kargil and Gilgit Baltistan. The two languages are intelligable.

Ladakh area

The total Ladakh area of 45110sq km makes Ladakh the largest district in India.

Ladakh district

Ladakh, a part of Jammu & Kashmir State in north of India consisting of two Ladakh district Leh and Kargil

Ladakh pin code

Ladakh pin code is 194101

Ladakh History

The earliest inhabitants of Ladakh were the Khampa nomads, who domesticated yaks. The first settlement along the Indus river was established by Mons from the region of Kullu and another tribe called the Brokpas, toward the west of Ladakh, originating from Giglit. Gya became the first seat of government of a Mon ruler who was known by the name of Gyapacho. Ladakh history read more

Ladakh Weather

The weather of Ladakh remains cold and chilly for nearly all part of the year and the best time to visit is from June to September.
Winter (October to May) are very cold frost bites and snowfall are common incidence, making it a very unfriendly climate for visiting the place. During this season, the mercury level comes down to very well under 0°C like -28°C and the whole area is covered with snow. Ladakh weather read more

Ladakh Culture

Ladakh Culture

Ladakh is a land like no other, as its Historical locale, Art, Rich Culture, Colorful people reflects. Ladakh has been a vital trade route connecting the Mediterranean to China. Traders came from Tibet in the east, Kullu in the south, Muslims from Balti valley in west and caravans from Central Asia in the north.
Ladakh has been to develop and inherit a rich culture, which survives even today as a living heritage to the western Himalayas. This heritage finds appearance in the regions monuments, monasteries, art and oral literature, fairs and festivals and in the time pleased tradition of collective celebrations of various events. Among the many social and cultural events of LADAKH, the annual festival held in monasteries make up the most vital part of the regions living heritage. The colorful Gompas are one of the main source of attraction for the tourist visiting ladakh. Festivals provide the people a chance for socializing, trading and general entertainment. Ladakh culture read more

Places to visit Ladakh

Shanti Stupa, Tsomoriri Lake Ladakh, Leh Palace, Magnetic Hill Ladakh, Pangong Lake Ladakh, Thiksey Monastery Ladakh, Shey Palace Ladakh, Suru Valley Ladakh, Nubra Valley Ladakh are some of the places to visit Ladakh
Places to visit Ladakh read more

Ladakh People
Ladakh Culture

The people of the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir have Turanian (Central Asian) features. People of this region have a cheerful nature and are peace-loving. 45% of this area are Buddhist by faith and the rest are Muslims.
The Ladakhi people customarily live a nomadic wandering rustic life and are genuine, honest and straightforward. Round about 90% people in Ladakh are dependent on the agriculture support on the Indus River for their living and trade. The most important agricultural item for consumptions is Buck wheat, Peas, barley, beans, wheat and rapeseed. Apricots and Apples are also grown in warmer sections of low altitude areas. The Ladakh is recognized for its rich culture. Ladakh People read more

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