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Kargil People

People In Kargil

Kargil is situated at a distance of 204 KM from Srinagar towards Leh city.Kargil is recognized as the land of Agas in today's world. Kargil has a population of 1.25 lakhs which is spreaded over an area of 14,086 Sq. Km. The word Kargil is derived from the two words Khar and rKil. Khar means castle and rKil means center. In local language Gar means anywhere and Khil means a center place where people could stay. After many years Khar rKil came to recognized as Kargil. During the year of 1979, Kargil became a break up district in the Ladakh region when it was bifurcated from the earstwhile Leh ditrict.

People in Kargil

are of mixed Dard and Tibetan descent.Gar in local language mean 'Anywhere' and Khil means a middle area where kargil people could stay. Kargil is a place where people of multi- ethnic, multi-languish, multi- cultural stay. The people of kargil are Brogpas, Baltis, Purik, Shinas and Ladakhi. The languages spoken are Shina, Balti, Purig , Ladakhi ec. As the Balti and Shina languages are written in Urdu script, Urdu is common in the area.
Gasho Tha Tha Khan is said to be the first renowned crusader who established a dynasty in the area. People Of Kargil The population of Kargil were adherent of Tibetan Buddhism during the 14th-15th centuries when Muslim missionaries began to proselytize to the neighboring people. 90% of Kargil people are Shia Muslim, 5% Sunni and 5% Tibetan Buddhist. The construction of older mosques in Kargil combine Tibetan and Iranian styles, where as the new mosques architectural styles tend to pursue those of modern Iranian and Arabic styles.During the year 2001,people in Kargil had a population of 119,307. People of Kargil has population growth by 20.18% to 143,388 with children under 6 years constitute 10% of the population.
People in Kargil also has the male-to-female sex ratio of 1,000:776.

Kargil People

has population density of 10 persons/km2 and Kargil had an average literacy rate of 74.49% which is vaguely more than the national average of 74.04% and the male literacy rate was 86.73% and female literacy was 58.05%.The topography of the region is mountainous with little or no vegetation.The geography of the district is hilly with little or no undergrowth. The mountain are of sedimentary rock and are in progression of crumbling due to weathering. The topography being hilly, accessible land for agriculture is meager. The summer being short, only one crop of local grim or wheat is grown.

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