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Monastery in Ladakh

In India, nearly 35 monastery in Ladakh of Buddhist are extended across the region. Major Gompas are situated in the central area of Ladakh in which 13 monasteries are located near Indus Valley and all these monastery in Ladakh belong to the Red Hat of Tibetan Monastic Order.

Most of the visitors come to Ladakh in order to enjoy beautiful scenery or the Gompas. Monastery in Ladakh hold carvings, gilded statues, religious icons, exquisite murals, scrolls and these remain alive with the devotions of monks. Ladakh has many significant monasteries which are known as Gompas and these Buddhist practices their religion, study. The monastery in ladakh are situated in attractive places such as mountains,hills and and have rich collections of artifacts. Buddhist Thangka paintings and sculpture. These are various monastery in Ladakh :-

Manasteries in Leh

Hemis Monastery Ladakh is one of the biggest and wealthiest monatries in ladakh. Presently,Hemis gompa leh is run by Drukpa sect of Buddhism, which once flourished during the Namgyal dynasty. Hemis Monastery Ladakh is located approximately at a distance of 47 km from Leh.It belongs to Dugpa order and was founded in year of 1630 by the First incarnation of Stagsang Raspa Nawang Gyatso. Hemis Monastery existed before the 11th century. Hemis monastery Ladakh read more

Thiksey Monastery

Thiksey Monastery Ladakh is one of the attractive and famous Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Ladakh ,India. Thiksey monastery is situated at an altitude of 3,600 metres in the Indus valley. Thiksey monastery belongs to the Gelukpa Order of Buddhism, one of the largest gompa in the central Ladakh which is 18km far away from Ladakh ..Thiksey Gompa serves as the residence of around eighty monks.Sherab Zangpo of Stod built the Thiksey Monastery for the first time.After sometime Spon Paldan Sherab which was the nephew of Sherab Zangpo reconstructed the monastery in 1430 AD. Thiksey Monastery Ladakh read more

Shanti Stupa Ladakh is placed on the hilltop at Changspa in Ladakh and it was founded in year of 1985.Shanti Stupa was constructed by Japanese Buddhist organization known as The Japanese for World Peace. In1985, Dalai Lama inaugurated the Shanti Stupa Ladakh .The idea around the construction of Shanti Stupa Ladakh is to celebrate 2500 years of Buddhism to encourage World Peace. Every year,visitors comes to Ladakh in order to visit these stupa.Sunset and Sunrise is just imagine, your eyes will always in search of these scenery.Original idea was stated by Nichidatsu Fujii in 1914. The mission of Nichidatsu Fujii was to build Peace Pagodas and temples over the world and try to save Buddhism back in India. Shanti stupa monastery read more

Stakna Gompa

Stakna Gompa Ladakh is to be found on the right bank of the Indus River, in Ladakh. Stakna gompa is at a distance of 25 km from Lehtown. Stakna exactly means 'tiger's nose'. Stakna Gompa was callen by tiger's nose name because it looks like a tiger's nose. This monastery is a visual display of the religious and cultural heritage of India and Buddhism. Stakna Gompa has several sister monasteries which contains three in the Zanskar valley which are Mud and Kharu and those of Stakrimo, Bardan and Sani in Zanskar. Stakna Monastery of Leh Ladakh has been provided its beginning to Chosje Jamyang Palkar,who was a great scholar saint of Bhutan. It formed a part of the many religious estates offered by the Dharmaraja Jamyang Namgial to the saint, around 1580 AD.Stakna monastery Ladakh is small and there are only 35 lamas of the red hat sect. There are various other lamas who are residing in its branch monastery namely Sani, Bardan and Stakrimo in Zanskar. In 1982 it was again painted quiet recently. Stakna monastery Ladakh is also known as the most colourful gompa in the Ladakh region. Stakna Gompa Ladakh read more

Spituk Gompa Ladakh is lying on top hill next to Indus valley which is at a distance of 18 Kms from Leh. The founder of Spituk Gompa Ladakh were Od-De who was the elder brother of Lha Lama Changchub-od. Spituk is a three-chapel monastery. The Spituk means excellent, that has been derived from a statement of a translator, Rinchen Zangpo, about the monastery. Monastic community was firstly introduced by Od-De. After sometime one of the translators came to this place and spoken that words that an ideal spiritual community would rise.During this time Spituk Gompa monastery belongs to the Kadampa School. Spituk Gompa Ladakh read more

Shey gompa ladakh is located 15 km to the south of Leh.It was founded in 17th century by the King Deldon Namgyal. A large number of monasteries, stupas and rock carvings can be seen on this road.One can easily reached Shey by trekking 4 km from Thickey Monastery and the path is recognized for having Ladakh's biggest chorten fields with hundreds of whitewashed shrines of varying sizes scattered across the desert landscape. Shey gompa ladakh nearest airport is at Leh.The essential thing is that no persons can enter in this monastery without having special permission. Lama lives in this monastery and the inner workrooms are usually closed.There is a hotel for visitors which are surrounded by gardens opposite to the Shey palace. Shey Gompa Ladakh read more

Matho Gompa Ladakh is placed 26km from south east of Leh.It mainly belongs to Saskya order. Matho Gompa was founded by Lama Tugpa Dorjay in 16th century. The village of Matho is located at the mouth of a deep gorge running out of the Zanskar Range and across the Indus. Matho Gompa Ladakh is just behind the Thikse Monastery. Matho Gompa is the only representative of the Sakyapa sect of Tibetan Buddhism in Ladakh. Matho Gompa in Ladakh is the only example of Sakyapa sect of Tibetan Buddhism as it does not lie on highway from Leh,so there are less visitors comes to visit this monastery.It is known to outsiders for its annual Oracle Matho Nagrang Festival that is celebrated on 14th and 15th day of first month of the Tibetan calandar.Beside this there are two oracles which are known as Rongtsan are said to inhabit for a few hours the body of two monks. Matho Gompa Ladakh read more

Likir gompa Ladakh is situated just about 53km from Leh. It belongs to the Gelukspa Order. Likir gompa Ladakh was founded by Lama Durwang Chosje Gelukspa. Alchi Monastery is the branch of Lekir gompa at time of king Lhachen Gyalpo, which was named 'Klu-Khil-GA-Ladan-Dar-Rgyas-Ling'.Lhachen Gyalpo was ruling as a king in Ladakh,he presented the land to Lama Duwang Chosje in order to construct yhe monastery. Likir gompa Ladakh came forward during the 1065 AD.The Likir monasteries was enclosed by the bodies of the two great serpent spirits , Taksako and Nanda.Likir monastery Ladakh were connected with Kadampa sect. An incident occur in Likir monastery Ladakh because the original structure that was constructed in 11th century was damaged due to catch of fire.After than in 18th century it was reconstructed ,that why it does not look to be very old as compare to others monasteries. Likir Gompa Ladakh read more

Namgyal Tsemo monastery

Namgyal tsemo monastery was founded in 15th century, 1430AD. It was founded by the king Tashi Namgyal and that's why the monastery has been named Namgyal Tsemo Gompa.The king Tashi Namgyal was the devotee of Buddhism. It is situated on the top hill and well-known for its three-storey high solid gold idol of Maitrieya Buddha. The environment around namgyal tsemo gompa leh looks very attractive due to flowing of the Indus river,views of surrounding,cold blowing air and the snowcapped peaks of Zanskar range. It boasts of a rich group of some ancient manuscripts and wall paintings. About the infrastructure of the namgyal tsemo monastery,gompa contain an assembly hall some statues of Buddhas,temples with frescoes, paintings. Namgyal tsemo monastery read more

Phyang monastery Ladakh is only 17km west of Leh is extremely built on the top of hill which is same as the Likir monastery. Phyang monastery belongs to the Degungpa Order. This monastery where it stands was a part of the numerous monastic properties,which was offered during the time of Dharmaraja Jamyang Namgial to Chosje Damma Kunga.Phyang served as the venue of the monastery. This was the first monastery, which introduced the Degungpa teaching of Skyob Jigsten Gonbo in Ladakh that was founded by Chosje Danma Kunga, during the reign of King Jamyang Namgyal in the 16th Century A.D. Phyang Monastery Ladakh read more

Chemrey Monastery

Chemrey monastery ladakh was founded during 17th century and it is just 40km from Ladakh. Chemrey monastery belongs to the Drugpa monastic order and was found by the Lama Tagsang Raschen and dedicated to King Sengge Namgyal. There are only 20 monks of Drugpa community residing in this monastery. Drugpa monastery was made in memory of king Sengge Namgyal.There are numerous shrines that are located in this monastery. The major attraction of Chemrey monastery is the statue of Padmasambhava which is one story-high. Chemrey monastery ladakh also include valuable collection of scriptures. The consecutive reincarnation of Lama Tagsang Raschen have being helping as the incumbent of the chemrey monastery, since quite a long time. Chemrey monastery read more

Sankar Gompa Ladakh is a subsidiary of the Spituk Gompa monastery ladakh. It is situated at a distance of 3 km from Leh. It is also an official residence of the Kushok Bakul, Ladakh's head of this sect. sankar gompa leh has some definite timing for public but some of the yellow hat monks live in here enduringly. The visiting time of the sankar gompa Ladakh are limited to early mornings and evenings as it is only managed by 20 monks who reside there. Sankar gompa read more

Basgo Monastery

Basgo monastery Ladakh is a type of Buddhist monastery in Ladakh region which is situated 40 km from Leh in the way of Nimmu on the Leh-Kargil-Srinagar highways. Basgo monastery includes the statue of the future Buddha which is 75 feet in height.This statue was enlisted as one of the hundred endangered sites of the world 2001 by UNESCO.And then the villages led by an educated batch have taken up the task to save the statue housed in a richy decorated structure that is standing precariously on cliffs some 300m above the village level. Basgo monastery Ladakh read more

Chemaday monastery Ladakh is located in the east of Leh at a diastance of 40km and it is situated on to the hills. It is said that it was founded 400 years ago and it was offered to the monks to form a monastic community under Shamo Natha. Chemaday monastery belongs to the Dukpa Kargyut Pa sect and it is currently headed by the 6th Skyangon Stagsang Rinpoche. An image of Padmaasambhava is to be seen in the Chemaday monastery. It is one storey in height. There are furthermore many shrines. Chemaday monastery Ladakh read more

Saboo monastery Ladakh is located at a distance of eight kilometers east of Leh. Its altitude is 3450m. A relatively large village ,it is made up of different hamlet or locality,Saboo,Meyak,Yoknos and Ayu.Each of these hamlets has its own deities,associated with the most sacred spots.Tough Saboo is a model village but as most villages in Ladakh is still an agrarian society.Glaciers either directly or indirectly are the only source for the farmers for irrigation.Ayu has in its domain natural springs that provide for agricultural and drinking water.Ayu is also renowned for its medicinal spring water,to which Ladakhis travel from and wide for healing. Close to the spring lies Gonpa where three senior hermits reside.Ten monks live permanently in the SabooGonpa situated nearby. Saboo monastery Ladakh read more

Tingmosgang monastery

Tingmosgang monastery Ladakh lies 91 km to the west of Leh and it is one of the largest village of Ladakh. This monastery was built during the time of Gragpa Bum who was the younger brother of Takspa Bum –Lde who were the seventeen king of the Ladakhani empire. About 50 years it has been have elapsed after its construction. Current to this was the Red Chapel Tsuglagkhang Marpo that contais an image of the Buddha Maitreya which is at a height of 3 storeys.King Drag-pa-Bum built the Tingmosgang monastery during the time of 15th century. It is all the way through his grandson Bhagan that Ladakh's second empire originated – Namgyals which politically endure until the Dogra annexation in 1841 and whose family members still alives and live in the Stok Palace. Tingmosgang monastery Ladakh read more

Sumda chun monastery Ladakh is located in Sumda village,which is 65 km to the southwest of Leh. It is connected by a motorable road, up to Sumdo.From the Sumda Do, the track to the 11th century shrine is upwardly ascending and descending through a George along a stream.It starts ascending to the west, through a gorge from the left bank of the stream. At one point of view, the track crosses to the right bank and climbing becomes difficult. Sumda chun monastery Ladakh read more

Serzang monastery

Serzang monastery Ladakh was built in 17th century which is located at a distance of 40 km from Leh. It is located in Basgo village. Serzang monastery was constructed using gold and water.Visitors can reach this place via –Srinagar Highway. One of the exclusive features of the temple is that Gold and Copper were widely used in its construction. There is a statue of the Maitreya Buddha which is called as the Buddha of the future or the Laughing Buddha, standing tall at 30 ft, in the Serzang monastery. The Tilopa, Marpa, Mila Raspa and Naropa are some of the wonderful paintings, which are reserved in this temple. Serzang monastery Ladakh read more

Chamchung Shrine Ladakh is very small temple located off the courtyard of the Serzang Temple in Basgo village of Leh district. Chamchung Shrine was built in the year of 1642 by Queen Gyal Khatun, a Balti princess and the wife of Chosgyal Jamyang Namgyal. Chamchung Shrine is one of the best places for worship among the three temples in the neighborhood. Set on the Leh-Srinagar Highway, Chamchung Shrine consists of a large picture of Maitreya. There are plentiful mural on the walls that depict various guardian divinities. Chamba Lhakhang (Maitreya Temple) is located nearby. Chamchung Temple is 40km from Leh by road. Leh Airport is the nearby. Chamchung shrine Ladakh read more

Devachan monastery

Devachan monastery Ladakh(Mahabodhi) is around ten kms from Leh near Choglamsar. Devachan monastery which means Pure Land was merely a desert few years back. Now in Devachan monastery the Mahabodhi International Meditation Center has come up with a meditation hall,school, nunnery, hospital and a museum on Buddhism there,which is worth a visit. Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre is a registered non-profit, non-governmental, non-sectarian charitable institution which is only devoted for the benefit of humanity which is located at Leh in Jammu and Kashmir. Venerable Bhikkhu Sanghasena establish in the year of 1986 , the center offers religious commands and humanitarian services to the desperately needed people in the remote area of Ladakh. This society has become a model for the region through sustainable, biological growth. Many sponsors supported for these works and we expect to be able to give our part to this goal by serving the people of Ladakh. Devachan monastery Ladakh read more

Zanskar Monasteries

Rangdum monastery Zanskar is located in between Kargil and Padum which belongs to the Gelugpa sect at a height of 3657 meter on a top of a hill.It is situated near by the village of Rangdum. Rangdum Gompa is Tibetan Buddhist monastery which belongs to the Gelugpa sect. The monastery is build over a small hill and well-established around by the bifurcated way of a mountain stream.Rangdum monastery was developed by Gelek Yashi Takpa before 200 years ago.This period belongs to King Tsewang Mangyul and only 40 monks lives in this monestery. Ramdung monastery Zanskar read more

Sani monastery

Sani monastery Zanskar in Jammu and Kashmir, 6km to the west of Padum.Sani monastery is also known as Turtot Gyat and it is considered to be one of the eight holy places of the Buddhist. This monastery is situated just nearby the village of Sani where the Stod Valley broadens into the central plain of Zanskar in Jammu and Kasmir.It takes only two hours as it is located at distance of 6km in order to reach there. Dzongkhul Monastery belongs to the Drukpa Kargyu school of Tibetan Buddhism, and it is the only monastery and is the only one of this order in Zanskar in which nuns reside.Sani monastery is to be considered as the oldest religious site of Ladakh and Zanskar. Sani monastery Zanskar read more

Phugtal monastery Zanskar is to be found in Zanskar in Ladakh.Phutgtal gompa Gangsem Sherap Sampo was the founder of Phugtal monastery for the period of 12th century.Phugtal monastery is built on the rock face and lies in the interiors of Zanskar in India.It is also said that Csoma de Koros who is regarded as the father of modern Tibetology lived here for one year. It was he who was the first one to translate the Buddhist texts from Ladakhi to English.It is one of the unique of all the other monasteries because it has been made on the top steep mountain and the structure looks like a honeycomb. Approximately 70 monks are living in this phugtal gompa with having a prayer room and a unique library.They also take the responsibility of the visitors for staying in phugtal gompa. Phugtal monastery Zanskar read more

Stongdey monastery

Stongdey Monastery Zanskar is also written as Stongde, Stongday, Tonday or Thonde,which is a successful Buddhist monastery. The stongdey monastery was founded by Naropa's disciple in 1052 CE who was the famous translator Lama Marpa Lotsawa (1012-1097). It is something like 18 km north of Padum, on the road to Zangla, India. It was taken over by the Gelugpa about four centuries later and became dedicated to Je Tsongkhapa. stongdey monastery is measured to be second major monastic institute in the Zanskar region. The Stongde Gompa of Leh Ladakh serves as the residence of approximately 60 monks. Stongdey monastery Zanskar read more

Monasteries in Alchi
Alchi monastery

Alchi monastery Ladakh, which is about 70 kms from Leh situated by the banks of the Indus river on the path from Leh to Kargil. It just takes 90 minutes to reach from Leh. Alchi monastery ladakh is mainly known for its wonderful and well conserved 11th or 12th century wall paintings, which are in Indo-Himalayan style. Alchi gompa is placed at an elevation of 10,200 feet. Alchi gompa is also division of three villages which are situated in lower Ladakh region which make up the 'Alchi group of monuments' Mangyu and Sumda Chun.Alchi monastery leh is identified more as a monastic complex of temples that consists of three shrines: the Dukhang which is nothing but an Assembly hall, the Sumtseg and the temple of Manjushri. Alchi monastery Ladakh read more

Rizong monastery Leh is situated at the top of a mountain side valley on the north side of the Indus valley.It lies to the west of Alchi on the way to Lamayuru. Rizong monastery belongs to Gelugpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism which is called as the Yellow Hat sect. Rizong monastery was established in 1831 by Lama Tsultim Nima under Gelukpa order.There are mainly 40 monks in this monastery.It is also known as Yuma Changchbling in Ladakh,India. Rizong monastery Leh read more

Mangu Monastery

Mangu monastery Alchi is to be found to the south of Uletokpo and west of Alchi, and near 2 hours it takes to walk from Alchi. One has to cross a small bridge and passing through the village it will make the person to enter into a deep gorge. Climbing from the right bank of the watercourse, a partially way and it crosses to the left, after pointed turn. After around two and a half hours of walking, the Mangu village comes to sight, attractively standing on the foothills, above the ravine.
Mangu monastery Alchi read more

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