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Ladakh Shopping

Ladakh Market

In Ladakh Currently, the main commercially sold agricultural manufactured goods is vegetables, sold in huge amounts to the army as well as on the local market. Production remains mainly in the hands of small-landowners who work their own land, often with the help of migrant labourers from Nepal. Naked barley was usually a staple crop all over Ladakh. Growing times vary significantly with altitude. The extreme limit of cultivation is at Korzok, on the Tso-Moriri Lake, at 4.6 Kms, which has what are extensively considered to be the topmost fields in the world.
Shopping in Ladakh is all about buying Well-liked items likes Pashmina shawls, stoles and other Pashmina wool clothes. Locally handmade woolen socks, gloves, caps and sweaters are a desired of tourists in Ladakh. Hand-woven rugs, carpets and shawls are obtainable in a variety of prices in Ladakh's markets. The carpets have floral or geometric designs or dragon patterns on them and can also be hung as decorative wall drapery. Woven in wool gathered from local Ladakhi goats, and dyed with natural dyes, Ladakhi carpets and rugs are thick, long-lasting and objects of utility and beauty, which you can buy while shopping in Ladakh.
Tibetan handicraft things including prayer wheels, Buddhist masks and Thangka paintings can be obtained in Ladakh. Tibetan silver ornaments and traditional Ladakhi costume jewelry with turquoise are also well-liked with tourists. During Ladakh visit, must remember to purchase apricots, because this dry fruit of the Ladakh area is considered to be of a superior quality. Following are some important places for shopping in Ladakh.

Shopping in Leh:

Main Bazaar Road

Main Bazaar road and the adjacent area is the most excellent place to pick up great quality Pashmina, handicrafts and souvenirs. Tibetan antiques, replicas and little pieces of jewellery can be bargained for. Roam the picturesque streets and visit the quaint book stores, well stocked in guide books and books on Buddhist history.

Ladakh Art Palace on the Main Bazaar Road
Shopping In Ladakh

At Ladakh Art Palace this store traditional thangkas (Buddhist cloth paintings), Tibetan trumpets, brass and copper 'chang' kettles, prayer beads, prayer wheels, wooden choktse (Tibetan tables) and a whole lot more are on offer. Ladakh is known for turquoise and corals, and Tourists can pick up several of such time-honored items from here.

Tibetan Handicraft Emporium on the Main Bazaar Road

A Huge collection of arts and handicrafts are on offer, and make ideal gifts to obtain back home. If looking from jewellery, pick up some gorgeous silver and turquoise pieces from this store. The classical Ladakhi designs are available at here.

Dalai Lama's Charitable Trust Handicraft Emporium
Ladakh Shopping Places

Purchase local items like Pashmina shawls, woolen items, Kashmiri carpets and wooden handicrafts. Proceeds go to the local artisans and help sustain their way of life. Apricot jams and fry apricots are also available at this shop.

Shopping in Kargil:

A leisurely walk in the bazaar might lead to a shop selling flint and tobacco pockets, travelling hookahs and brass kettles - handcrafted objects of everyday use which find their way into the mart as ornaments. Nearly all shops deals in ordinary consumer goods, but some concentrated in trekking provisions. The showrooms of the Government Industries centre near the riverbank displays and sell Pashmina Shawls, local carpets and other woolen handicrafts. The apricot jam produced here serves as a rare delicacy. Kargil's dry apricot has now become a souvenir item, which can be obtained freely in the bazaar.

Shopping in Zanskar:

shopping in Zanskar

Shopping in Zanskar is all about buying Pashmina and cashmere shawls, silk carpets, and handicrafts substances which make for outstanding memento to take back home. In fact shopping would be incomplete if you didn't buy a genuine Pashmina shawl from here. An authentic Pashmina shawl is the one that can makes you warm within three minutes of wrapping it around your body.
Padum is the sub-tehsil of Zanskar which is 464 kms from Leh and 234 kms from Kargil. There is a petite market along the major road with hotels, restaurants and number of shops.

Shopping in Nubra Valley:

There are shops advertising Kashmiri and Tibetan artifacts. It is an enormous place to purchase Kashmiri carpet, Pashmina shawls and socks. Horticulture goods like apricots and apples are also attraction of shopping.

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