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Buddha Teachings

Buddha speech consists of

Buddha teachings


about Buddha dharma

. It is said that he spoke in pali (the language spoken by common people in ancient india) and each listener could understand it in their own language.

After the parinirvana (Buddha's demise from this world) of Buddha shakyamuni, Buddha teachings were recited and later translated into languages such as Tibetan, Chinese, Mongoliam, Korean and Japanese amongst others. The Tibetan canon consists of kangyur 108 volumes of buddha teachings and Tangyur, which is about in 200 volumes consisting of commentaries on Buddha teachings by Indian and Tibetan scholars.

Buddha gave 84,000 instructions towards the attainment of nirvana. These fall under "Three Baskets of Doctrine" (Tripitaka) training of ethics, meditative stabilization and the attainment of wisdom.

Note:- The doctrines were originally written on palm leaves, collected in separate basket, hence "Three Baskets of Doctrine".

The Buddhas Mind

Buddhas Speech The Stupa symbolizes the Buddhas mind. Which has gained knowledge and is free of the three cardinal sins. Stupa was made to offer respect to Buddha and to acquire deeds. They were initially built at the places of Buddha's birth, enlightemment, The Stupas were also made over the relics as well as to symbolize some major incidents in the life of Buddha. There are four types of relics.

  • Mantra written out on paper.
  • Physical relics of the Buddha such as hair, nail or objects used by him.
  • Fragments of his bones, teeth and so forth.
  • Other relics remaining after his cremation

There are eight types of Stupas Such as: -

Padspung Chorten
Padspung Chorten
Symbolises the Shakyamuni Buddha's Birth.

Changchup Chorten
Changchup Chorten
Symbolises Buddha's enlightenment.

Chostul Chorten
Chostul Chorten
Symbolises Buddha's exhibitions of miracles.

Indoom Chorten
Indoom Chorten
Symbolises buddha's reunification of Bikhu Sangha (the monk's community).
Choskor Chorten
Choskor Chorten
Symbolises the Buddha's turning the wheel of Dharma.

Lhabab Chorten
Lhabab Chorten
Symbolises Buddha's descends to the earth after giving teaching to his mother in heaven.

Namgyal Chorten
Namgyal Chorten
Symbolises the prayer for Buddha's long life.

Nyangas Chorten
Nyangas Chorten
Symbolises the Buddha's Mahaparinirvana.

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