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Ice Hockey in Ladakh

Ice Hockey Ladakh
Ladakh is well-known for its pristine natural beauty and spiritual places like monasteries and stupas, but now it has also come to be known as emerging destination for lovers of winter sports like

Ladakh ice hockey

and ice skating. Since Ladakh is one of the few places in India that freezes in winter. As north India comes under the grip of chill, the cold desert of Ladakh gears up for winter sports, skating and ice-hockey which are hugely popular. Ice hockey Ladakh, also called shinny or pond hockey, are a way of life during the long winters in Ladakh.

In winter Karzoo Ice Hockey Rink witnessed an enlivening and festive atmosphere. The natural ice is good for skating every January, plus a week or two of December and February. The mountainous region of Ladakh has possibly the country's highest ice-skating rink at 3483 m above sea level. There is a tremendous potential for Ladakh ice hockey to grow in Ladakh. With the superior snow conditions and the convenience of frozen stream and lakes in the region enthusiasts for the sport is growing.

In 2008 first time an Indian ice hockey Ladakh team participated in the 'Asian Challenge Cup' which was in Abu Dhabi. In this team the majority of the players were Ladakhis. By this news we can determined the fame of winter sports in Ladakh.
Ladakh ice hockey

The history of ice hockey in ladakh dates back to the early 70s when the Ladakh Scouts Battalion of the Indian army, who were posted in the higher reaches of the border regions, started playing the game.

The history of ice hockey in ladakh started in early 70s when the Ladakh Scouts Battalion of the Indian army was transferred in boundary regions they started playing the ice hockey. The local Ladakhis took pleasure in this Ice hockey but due to lack of sports equipments it began difficult to manage and the first teams started by getting the ice skating blades from Shimla. They nailing them to the army boots which was rather a feat to stability those giant boots wearing 3 – 4 coats of socks inside on the blades but this were how they started. The few locals who have contacts outside Ladakh have requested friends to get ice hockey skates. The Ladakh Scouts are well fortified as they get their gear through the army. The Jammu & Kashmir department of tourism also has a full set of equipment, but is unwilling to spare any. The only place in India where ice sports equipment is willingly available is Shimla, a small hill station in the northwestern part of India, where two Chinese brothers began making skates that are still used today.

Roller skates and ground hockey sticks were also used. To create pucks, locals cut the thick, rubber heels of army boots into a rounded shape. Goal keepers wore ground hockey pads but lacked helmets; neither helmets nor knee and elbow pads were used by other players. Despite injuries due to this lack of defensive gear, the game has sustained to grow in popularity in the region.

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