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Ladakh Trekking Tips

Trekking in Ladakh

Ladakh Trekking Tips Trekking in Ladakh is itself a fun and those who are interested in hiking can have a good time. Here are some points that should be kept in mind while Ladakh trekking. The hills of the Himalayas are the best place for trekking and hiking. Trekking are the best alfresco for the people those who are interested in adventurous holiday. Ladakh and Zanskar are the most famous destinations for trekkers. Foreigners should show valid passports and visas and special permits are not required for trekking in Himalaya. Clicking photos and video shooting are allowed no need to take permission. There are various Ladakh Trekking Tips given in this article.

Rescue Tips to Mountaineers and Trekkers in Ladakh

The migrants should take responsibility that any damage held during rescue operation then individual or travel insurance company should pay. The refugee is liable for compensation of loss and injury to the aircraft. While undertaking the task of rescue victim emigration and for the obligations any death on above account to IAF then compensation has to be paid of any accidents. There are various forms that should be filled by the evacuees for reimbursement of bills with air forces head office. The forms to be filled are quarantine of full payment, acceptance certificate, indemnity period, copy of insurance policy, copy of passport. All these forms are available in the Dy. Director, TRC Leh.

Ladakh Trekking Equipment List

There are many Ladakh Trekking Equipment List mentioned in this article such as.
1. Tourist those who are beginners can show their passion by walking fast. This might be little fatiguing but should maintain the speed.
2. Walk in crisscrosses while climbing a very vertical slope
3. Equivocate walking on movable stones
4. The cost permits for trekking in Ladakh is Rs 20 for Indian and Rs 100 for foreigner
5. Carry mineral water bottle.
6. Wear warm clothes while captivating rest.
7. A small rucksack should be taken and a kit-bag with bolt or a big backpack
8. Carry various accessories like camera, film, umbrella, pen, pencil and Scrabble
9. Carry one heavy wool shirt or sweater
10.Take sunglasses or snow goggles
11. Cotton socks
12. Note book with pens and pencils
13. Flashlights with extra batteries
14. Binoculars

First Aid for trekking 

First Aid for trekking is the main thing for travelling to Ladakh. The essential tablets are iodine tablets, distillate or crystals for water purification, analgesics, antidiarrheal, intestinal disinfectants, antibiotics, antiseptic, eye drops, bandages, cutaneous disinfectants, waterproof tape, glue pads, cotton pads and skin applications. While travelling just do medical checkup from your physician and take medications accordingly. While trekking tourist should be physically fit and should take care of their health.

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