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Sumda Chun Monastery

Sumda Chun Gompa

Sumda chun monastery

is located in Sumda village, which is 65 km to the southwest of Leh.

Sumda chun Gompa

is connected by a motorable road, up to Sumdo. From the Sumda Do, the track to the 11th century shrine is upwardly ascending and descending through a George along a stream. It starts ascending to the west, through a gorge from the left bank of the stream. At one point of view, the track crosses to the right bank and climbing becomes difficult.

It is a tiring walk but it is made interesting by not only the nature and beauty around but also by the myths and legends associated with this place. At one point another track crosses the stream before getting to the village and the shrine further up. Mainly One or two houses comes in the way before another canyon come into view on the right which lead to the Sumda chun Ladakh and towards the left side lead to Sumda Chenmo. This track goes along the stream with plantations of Willow. After walking for an hour the monastery appears above the village houses.

Sumda Chun Ladakh

One easy shortcut from Alchi village through Stakspila, the ascent from Alchi which is more difficult and long compare to Sumda side as the route having a pass called Stakspi-la on it.It is over an hour long walk through a narrow valley interspread with trees, bushes; a few houses.One has to cross the stream to reach the shrine perched on the hill just above the village Sumda chun Ladakh.

The Sumda chun Gompa was founded by a Tibetan Buddhist Translator of 10th to11th century Lotsava Rinchen Zangpo. It is said that three temples were made including Sumda, Alchi Choskor and Mangyu Monastery simultaneously. The principal image of Dhayani Buddhas. The beauty and splendor of this image surpasses those of similar images at Alchi and Magyu gonpas. The murals comprise the images of five Dhyani Buddhas including Ratnasambhava, Amitaba, Askhobhya and Varocana.

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