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Tingmosgang Monastery

Tingmosgang Gompa

Tingmosgang Monastery

lies 91 km to the west of Leh and it is one of the largest village of Ladakh. Tingmosgang Gompa was built during the time of Gragpa Bum who was the younger brother of Takspa Bum –Lde who were the seventeen king of the Ladakhani empire. About 50 years it has been have elapsed after its construction. Current to this was the Red Chapel Tsuglagkhang Marpo that contais an image of the Buddha Maitreya which is at a height of 3 storeys.King Drag-pa-Bum built the Tingmosgang Ladakh during the time of 15th century. It is all the way through his grandson Bhagan that Ladakh's second empire originated – Namgyals which politically endure until the Dogra annexation in 1841 and whose family members still alives and live in the Stok Palace.

Tingmosgang Ladakh

is important from historical point of view. When Fifth Dalai Lama passes away the regent that were ruling the Tibet sent the head of Drukpa order in 1684 and treaty of Tingmosgang were signed in between these two countries Ladakh and and the Tibet. Boundaries can also be seen between these two countries. In particular it was at those times that the self-originated image of Avalokitesvara from Kamrup was brought & installed inside the castle of Tingmosgang.This image is considered to be a most excellent object of pilgrimage which leads to the growth of great value and to which prostration and oblations have been presented by the successive Dharmaraja of Ladakh and by the whole population of Ladakh. Tingmosgang Ladakh

Tingmosgang Gompa also provides fresh air, saturated with smell of flower and herbal incense and blessing of the universal flutter prayer flags. During 15th century A.D,the king of Ladakh, Gyalpo Tagspa Bom chose Tingmosgang Ladakh as the capital of his kingdom for its attractiveness and size and other factors. His palace and temple is situated on a hill in the middle of the village, adding more beauty to it and still exist.There are two beautiful valleys of fields which look like in Y shape with dissimilar kinds of standing crops.A roaring flow with sparkling pure water, dividing the big village into 2 parts, thus giving an appearance as if the Milky Way of the clear sky has descended down on the earth.

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Hotel Namra Tingmosgang
Hotel Namra Tingmosgang
A Class Hotels in Tingmosgang
Rooms: 24
Location: Tingmosgang, Ladakh
Tariff Range :On Request
Hotel Namra Tingmosgang owns 24 beautiful rooms with built in Restaurant that serves multi cuisine dishes to the guests......

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