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Wheel Of Life Buddhism

The Wheel of Life

Wheel of life buddhism or wheel of existence was designed to know the working of out mind. It shows the way to liberation from cyclic existence of birth and death.

In the inner most part of the

the wheel of life

, there are three animals, the three cardinal sins which leads to rebirth in better or worse world. The three animals are pig, Serpent and Cock represents ignorance, hatred and greed respectively. Total control over the three cardinal sins, leads to liberation from the wheel of existence.
The largest portion of

wheel of life buddhism

is divided into six sections, the six realms of transmigration. At the very bottom is the realm of hell (Nyalwa), to the left is the realm of ghosts (yidaks), to the right is the realm of animals (Dundo), on the top centre is the world of Gods (Deva chan), titans (Lhamayin), and to the right is the realm of men (mi). the three realms of the upper half of wheel of life buddhism buddhism is fortunate one compared to lower realm, even though there is great suffering and dissatisfaction to come in future according to their actions. They are born in upper realm due to positive action and even then there is no guarantee that one would achieve Nirvana, so they are not liberated from the lower realms. Birth in the loser realm due to negative action may lead to rebirth in the upper realm in the future or nirvana due to positive actions.

About wheel of life buddhism, the causes of endless rebirth are illustrated in the twelve sections of the outer ring of wheel of life buddhism, which are called twelve links of interdependent origination.

Wheel of Life Buddhism

The blind man symbolizes ignorance which causes predisposition; a potter making pots from predisposition makes consciousness, monkey climbing restlessly up and down, due to consciousness makes a name form a rowing a boat, as we need the boat like body and mind to take rebirth in ocean like samsara, name and form make the six senses, six houses with five windows that is eye, nose, tongue, skin and mind, from six senses is made contact; a man and woman embracing from contact cause feeling, a man shooting the eye with an arrow from feeling causes craving, causes grasping (a monkey grabbing fruit) from grasping comes existence (a pregnant woman about to give birth) from existence comes birth (a body being born) and form birth comes old age and death. The teeth and claws of the yama, the lord of death holds the circle of wheel, which shows that there is no escape from suffering, death and rebirth until and unless a living being completely overcomes the three cardinal sins and attains Nirvana from ignorance.

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