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Tibetan Antelope


Tibetan Antelope Photo Tibetan Antelope is almost related to wild goats and sheep. Chiru Antelope survives at a high altitude 3660-5500 m. Tibetan Antelope is the found in mostly northern and north eastern Ladakh. There are overall 250-300 chiru in Ladakh. The population of the pantholopshodgsoni is decreasing because they are the prey for wild life. The wools of Chiru Tibetan Antelope are collected in China and then it is transported to Kashmir to make the famous shahtoosh shawls. The finest shawls in Ladakh are the shahtoosh shawls. Shahtoosh is soft and warm wool and is also known as unique of the most well-appointed and expensive animal fibers in the world.


Chiru Tibetan Antelope is a animal that lives in huge masses that consist of female, young and sub adults. Chiru Antelope is a very fearful and cagy animal that like to live in grasslands. The Male Tibetan Antelope normally stay separately but at the time of breeding they join the herds. They graze in the morning and afternoon.


Chiru Tibetan Antelope appears to be light brown in color and the parts are whitish. The limbs are lined with chocolaty lines in the upper and lower limbs. The horns are black in color and it is long, slim and is curved from back. The Pantholopshodgsoni horns are measured up to 50 to 60 centimeters. The height of Female Chiru Antelope is up to 30 inches and the male height is up to 80 to 85 centimeters. The weight of the male is 35 to 40 kilograms and female is 25 to 30 kilograms. The diet of the Chiru Antelope is grass and herbs. The nose is inflamed and the body is sheltered with thick wool which is shed throughout summer.

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