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Wild Yak


The Wild Yak is an animal that is found in Himalayas region. Yaks are very well reformed with high altitudes and they have larger lungs and heart as compared to other animals. They can flourish in lesser altitudes as they suffer from exhaustion. The population of the Yaks is decreasing in the century. During winters the yak stays alive in temperatures as low as - 40 degree C. The yaks are spread on the entire Tibetan plateau and it is found in the isolated areas of plateau.

Characteristics of Wild Yak

Wild Yak photo Characteristics of Wild Yak are defined as they are very bulky with durable legs and round cloven hooves. Bos Gruniens are 5.2 to 7.2 feet tall at the shoulder and the weight is around 305–1,000 kg. The female yaks are not heavy and 30% smaller in their direct sizes after comparing to bull Bos Gruniens. Dong are dark in color like black and brown and they are covered with dark brown and black hairs. The male yaks have thick and dense hairs that touch the ground. The tail of the wild yak has long and it is same like horse. Wild Yak have very small ears and a varied forehead and the horns are usually dark in color and the male yak the horns are curve out from the sides of the head and it ranges from 48 to 99 cm. The female Ladakh Yak horns are smaller as compared to male yak and it ranges from 27 to 64 cm in length. The wild yak has a short neck but it has a hump over the shoulders. Yaks are very friendly and they are even trained.

The diet of the yaks is herbs, grasses and sedges that consist of Carex, Stipa, and Kobresia. Yaks stay in the high elevation in winters and through warmer months in August and September that stay in lower elevations. The wild yak's habitation consists of treeless plateaus which are between 3,000 and 5,500 m. There are unrestrained chasing by communities and navy personnel are the main cause of Ladakh Yak's decline.

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